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TEL: 0577-8619537
Service commitment

a professional services

regardless of the length of your lease, whether you drive or a belt drive, normal maintenance, inspection and insurance of vehicles, road maintenance fees, vehicle tax, 24-hour assistance service is borne by the company.

Second, human services

1. traffic accident

unexpected accident happened, how busy you may deal with such trivial matters! Don't worry, we will help you deal with the insurance claim.  

2.  alternative vehicles

your leased vehicle is not running properly, we will provide a replacement vehicle, your work, your life will not be affected.

third, personalized service

1. belt drive

we can provide driving service for you according to your needs, you can simply tell the driver your destination, you can enjoy a pleasant. Provides safe and convenient driving service, is our responsibility.

2. car service

If you would like to enjoy the pleasure of driving, as well as the convenience, so you can choose the driving services we offer.

3. Airport transfer service

carrying a lot of luggage, couldn't get a cab to do? You can provide you through our service.

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