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Car rental services are highlights

In the United States, have a Express card can not only facilitate global payment, is more of a status symbol. With United States express continued with the high-end market in the Mainland, middle class, particularly business travelers, will increasingly enjoy the convenient global payment card. United States American Express partnership with CITIC Bank issued "CITIC United States express" target locking domestic medium and large enterprises, government agencies and foreign senior managers, departmental managers, professionals, and so on. The car rental business is particularly striking. United States express was already launched cooperation with the ICBC Peony Express card, Peony express business card, Peony and peonies oil express Staples group of American Express business card. &Nbsp;

in service, although many different kinds of services, but the services also need to be improved. Call the hotline at the China CITIC bank credit card Center, Terminal staff to do new high-end credit cards have many strange places, such as car rental of specific staff members apparently are not too familiar with. After becoming a cardholder, the Bank will give the user manual of the specific, with a specific car rental company on the phone.

CITIC American Express credit card, you need copy of ID card, certificate, proof of income, proof of income including the certificate of house property, vehicle certificates, salary certificates etc. Bank staff on the basis of information provided by the customer to give customers a card, gold card or a card and be assessed to the customer. Customers will also need to fill out the Bank's credit card application form. The high-end customer credit card limits without special, but will be on the line of credit, according to the information provided by the customer, giving appropriate credit.

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