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Old drivers get ten years the secret six were open tickets

Often browse the website in violation of records as many friends of the owners "habit", the newspaper reported the owners pay illegal penalty fees accounted for costs of keeping a car is ****, fines may be comparable to the cost of a month of oil money, illegal parking and speeding is the main reason most of the owners of illegal. How to reduce the fines has become the topic of many owners and friends. &Nbsp;

a driver interviewed by reporters Zhang, he drove from 1997 to date, driving a car at least 20 species, never had accidents from 1999 to the present decade has not been fined a penny, Zhang said in fact the drive is "careful".

Zhang to make yourself was not fined, you want to know, here we'll share Zhang's "saving tips".


concentrate   drive without smoking, do not answer the call

the saying goes, "man cannot spin and reel", driving even more so. But in real life, many vehicle owners friend doesn't drive heart, such as smoking while driving, even driving phone calls are "universal", calls a little inattentive will run a red light.

Zhang master practices: Zhang master, red Shi are to carefully observation around road and driving identifies, in had no lights of junction Shi first deceleration, carefully observation Hou whistle again through; drive not received call, if phone is important on put car stopped in allows docked of roadside, open double flash lamp Hou again received call; drive Shi never smoking, prevent ash blow have car in everywhere are is, against Lane security, habit good of driving habits, real do wholeheartedly drive.

secret II

form good habits   no parking

now Changchun City lot, parking is tight in the city, and many owners simply parking, alley, unattended small road side are "developing" a parking lot, leading to Guilin road, Hongqi Street around traffic jams, parking vehicles caused by scratches and a parking fine is inevitable.

Zhang practices: Zhang has driven a taxi for five years, his experience on the road while driving by on the right, so you can pull to the curb waving passengers, take the guests to place in the dock or the bus parking site, don't just stop. Zhang also reminded taxi driver friends, free parking probably caused the crash, threatening others in order to earn their driving safety, this immoral.

secret three

ethical   always considerate of others

"people have and forget" is a classic example of a mannered way, Zhang are also driving this, and pedestrians and other vehicles do not grab, through when there are no lights, no zebra crossing for pedestrians, not for pedestrians.

Zhang master practices: "for bit thinking", from pedestrian of angle consider, like child and students love moving, had road like run, in after school Qian to deceleration slow line, morning people are worried work, so pace more fast, driving also to slow some, special to carefully pedestrian Xia bus Hou from bus are ahead had road, so owners in beyond into docked station of bus Shi must to deceleration slow line, and whistle, beware suddenly appeared of pedestrian.

Tip four

little luck   determined not to break the

many owners have luck when driving, such as street lamps will be accelerated through a red light, traffic little road, no monitor probe illegal left turn, turn around, drive chances like this will cause a lot of traffic accidents.

Zhang approach: drive doesn't have any chances, determined not to break, for example through the intersection must slow down, even if the traffic lights are green light, which can effectively prevent the result of green light suddenly turned red vehicle crash; never overtake on the ramp, ramp will affect the driver's line of sight, when overtaking the speed soon, once the opposite has come too late to brake the car. In short, a "slow" words not only protect your driving safety, can also reduce the chances of fine.

Tip five

attitude   drive not temper

be ticketed because many drivers driving emotion caused by irritable, especially their vehicles being beyond time, stuck in the most driver's mood swings. Once while driving with this sentiment, will probably lose even will have a "revenge", not to break it will be odd.

Zhang master practices: car Shang more prepared some music, let music for himself decompression; drive Shi more wants to makes himself happy of thing, didn't want to upset thing; as avoid commute traffic peak period, like morning early go while, night late go while, avoid "ever"; more some "o Q spirit", see other driver illegal or and himself wrestling Shi not to talk, "go himself of road let others said to's".

secret six

nice car   don't let the car "off the chain"

in addition to the driver's quality can reduce the chance of penalty, but owner car to a certain extent also for the owner "save money", preventing them from failed at a critical moment.

Zhang practices: Zhang have driven a lot of car, including taxis, limousines and SUVs, this vehicle is a private vehicle or a bus, as long as in the hands of master Zhang, Zhang will have "care" of them. Regularly maintenance vehicles, vehicles once appeared fault or has noise, Zhang master are will timely open to workshop check, and maintenance, never dragged, as needed replaced parts also never covet cheap and lose; winter Northeast snow posterior sliding, on vehicles brake performance requirements is high, Zhang master special concern vehicles brake system whether normal, and tire wear situation, ensure vehicles in key moments not "off chain", if car bad in road, trailer fee is a pen not small of costs.

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