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Very precious! Old driver summed up the driving experience

1: traffic jams or waiting for the lights don't get too close, unless someone wants to jump, to set aside at least a break out of the range, in case of vehicle failure, himself, was added in the middle. This is an old driver told me, when he accompanied 3-ring in front for half an hour.

2: line, in order to prevent jumping, plus sailai side of the car, leaving half a body. Like you in the left turn to line up, people often come from the straight road stopper, you try to use the line on the right side of the right wheel press left turn, roundabout to the left to leave room for yourself and stay close to the vehicle in front, cut hard to succeed.

 3: at normal speeds, front line suddenly give way to you, absolutely no good thing our driver just not aware, do not overtake oil, preferably pine oil preparation immediately brake and quickly observe the side rear-view mirror, figure out where and if you want to line, eight front.

4: when you look in the rearview mirror when another car is a little strenuous, that is, when you turn on the light, not in order to find their way, but to let others see you, especially during the day when it rains! If you like travelling at more than 100 of the time should turn on the lights, I do.

5: when refueling don't fill the 40-liter tank has to add a 35, estimated number of km run, in the aerospace sector this phenomenon is called "fuel oil", don't wave money, also pollute the environment.

6: when parking, as far as possible out of your head, when one is convenient, another important function is to guard against theft, although this is not a panacea, but the thief only when the opportunity to steal a car, stole in front of.

7: driving principles and line is, don't let the rear brakes, which is your principles as a pedestrian crossing, if you ask him to let you hit the brakes, he might step on the accelerator!

8: the crossing must be sure to slow down, whether or not he is a green light, or at least not again, especially the absence of traffic lights intersection, many people do not cherish life, wrestling with them!

9: even if you are a beginner, don't drive very slowly on the highway, in 4 rings 5 rings is the same, I used 5, often see a lot of carts in order to more than one only 40 km/h car forcibly and lines, and danger! Large trucks from start to very difficult to open, so the driver is not love the brakes, he would rather pass than slowing to 3 and then spent 10 minutes added to the 5-speed.

10: driving in my view the most dangerous enemy is not driving fast, but distracting! Drive fast, tend to concentrate, if there are no unexpected events generally happen, I'm not advocating speeding 10 accidents 9 times faster in case of accident of life-threatening, it is best to moderate speed! But when I sweat a few times in 2 years, I daydream all the time, I remember a phone, I looked down to see who calls, see open answer, I looked up in front of Red brake lights are so dazzling, last time, don't be distracted!

11: in the mix of people and vehicles on the road, as far as possible away from cyclists and pedestrians on the roadside, please, to the middle of the road, if you're not sure, never mind don't be afraid, because opposite to hide you, pedestrians and bicycles are back to you, will not only fail to hide you, maybe it will give you rock, to leave room for them!

12: when driving at night, do not use the high beam lights in front of pedestrians and cyclists, they don't understand, won't get out of your way, you do only took vehicles opposite eye, rather than whistling. I often see a lot of drivers in vain with light swinging pedestrians, the result is brought across the vehicle far the Flash of light.

13: after the rain, walking in when you are not familiar with the road, see water pit, be sure to slow down because you don't know how deep it is, it is best to follow a car once I'm stopped by the roadside, a super past behind to trip, do not delay.

14: If you encounter puddles on the highway, avoid as far as possible, do not want to see spectacular splash. If not immune, 2 front wheel with water as much as possible, while puddles on the highway generally is not very deep, but if on the side of the wheel, instantaneous loss of grip, if fast, will be broaching, or even overturned.

15: If you of car Shang sat has 3 a people above, on don't open of too fast has, a is we of car displacement small, people more has car on boring has, speed will playing is big of discount, most important of is we of brake will variable of compared slow, distance will obviously of added long, brake of timing and efforts are to than usually to of early and hard.

16: everyone often encountered catch lamp of when, if you front also has a car car, that even has, who know he will sent what neural stopped online Shang, such of thing too more has, don't with of too near has, if you is first car, that on don't hesitated of past, don't added has half of speed, last guilty has, a feet stopped in there, behind to a rear, although not you responsibility, but more awkward Ah!

17: after parking for more than 3 hours, and then started, be sure to heat the car, regardless of seasons, hot car here does not refer to the water temperature, but heat your lubrication system, water temperature, can open the side heat.

18: after coming to a stop, don't put anything in the car, do not think that not put wallets, computer bag on the line, is the half-smoke, may also get on your windshield!

19: there are a few principles cannot overtake to note, round the corner when not Super, there should not be at the corner of King and red light to change to green when starting without a full intersection do not exceed, if you want to hurry up, slightly forward, all intersections are seen, then Super.

20: the big public station at one corner, never happy, thinking that it will give you a path, be sure to slow down, sometimes ran out of the front of the public, you can observe the public vehicle there is no pedestrian leg or shadows to judge.

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