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Car hire how to choose car

Ask the condition of the vehicle. Leased vehicles, we must first understand the condition, particularly direct impact on road safety of braking, steering, lighting, and so on. In addition, to check the fuel, coolant, lubricants, brake fluid and drive system components. Distance should be tested, if necessary, to become familiar with and check the clutch, throttle, brake and engine work.

find out inside the vehicle operation. After entering the cabin, must be adjusted to suit your driving position, and every instrument in the familiar with the function and location of the operation. In order to grasp the meter and operating locations, you can read the vehicle manual, or directly to the owners understood that in case of fumble in the driving distracted.

powered vehicles, hands-on experimentation. Roads should be hands-on as mentioned a few times before the operation, which not only helps to remember their location, and can also check their work, and more importantly you can avoid driving in the operation chaos

car heavier oil. From a fuel standpoint, proportional to the vehicle weight and fuel consumption, weight cars more fuel, using a relatively poor economy.

automatic car save gas. Automatic transmission equipped with an automatic control device, driving gears can be adjusted automatically according to the speed, saving you a lot of work shift and take steps on the clutch. Its downside is than to use a manual car gas, because the power transmission automatic transmission is done through the hydraulic, will cause loss of power at work. Especially at low speeds or when you stop-and-go traffic, but will also increase fuel consumption.

radial tire car fuel. Vehicles equipped with radial tires and tire compared to wear can be raised by 50%-100%, lower the rolling resistance 20%-30% and fuel 6%-8%.

aluminum alloy wheels car fuel. At present the advantages of light weight aluminum alloy wheels, fuel; higher roundness, you can improve the accuracy of wheel movement, suitable for high speeds; good elasticity, improve vehicle ride and easier to absorb vibration and noise in the campaign.

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