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Newbie on five "inexplicably" failed to note

Recently, as auto makers have increased capacity in Changchun, "car shortage" with some relief. And with rookie road, unprepared for the Lunar "scenario is inevitable, many new owners often met some" strange "road, car problems, but no solution, in fact, most of these new baffling problem is" newbie "themselves to blame. Take a look at these problems, may also be "Rookie" help your driver. &Nbsp;

     "inexplicable" event 1: disc stuck in   key won't turn

     Description: some novices get in the car, found when starting the car the car key won't turn, steering wheel was stuck.

     the truth: such a situation it's the steering wheel lock automatically when stopping, steering wheel swing to a point, and the key twist move.

     in fact, most of the cars have this feature, its primary function is to guard against theft.

     solution: simply turn the steering wheel, a "popping" sound steering wheel lock is solved.

     "inexplicable" event 2: the car he just bought is always dead

      Description: restart the car in the morning, and often will not fire, checked and found the battery.

     truth: at this time the new owner never complained to his car because the new battery will rarely lack of electricity, most likely your issue. Wondered if I get on the air, stall hear sound or sometimes forgot to turn off the lights at night. Such cold days, do not let the battery losing power, otherwise you can only stand in the cold waiting to be rescued.

     solutions: out, turn off all electrical switches.

     "inexplicable" event 3: the back door is not open in the car

     Description: people want to get off the back seat, only to find the doors closed, but from the outside work.

     truth: what mistake novices make – turn on the child lock. Child lock is to prevent children in the car door, the back seat of the car on the inside not open, but from the outside can open properly.

     solution: just turn off the child lock can be.

     "inexplicable" event 4: always another car high beam lights

     Description: myself driving around, but always by a man with a big light, new cars often enjoy "privileges".

     truth: shake lights are frequently prompted meant, in fact, nothing more than a few, of course, does not preclude understanding greeting people. First, if opposite coming and kept shaking you, only two possibilities, one is your high beam lights, you cross the line, and the other is the high beam lights to remind you. In addition, after if it is frequently shaking the car headlights, then is the way you're driving, or driving too slow, remember "wrong too fast, too slow."

     solution: look at the dashboard, is there a high beam lights turn on lights, if light, so turn off my high beam lights.

     "inexplicable" event 5: always feeling car sick

     Description: sit someone else's car is comfortable, open their own car road potholes.

     truth: in fact, tire pressure is not appropriate. If this is a new car, or on public roads in the city, only tyre pressure is too high. The normal tire pressure, mostly between 2.0Mpa~2.5Mpa, but some 4S store of carelessness, not measuring tire pressure and shock absorption performance of the vehicle can be significantly reduced, affecting comfort and even accelerated tire wear.

     solutions: auto repair shops, to correct your tire pressure tire pressure.

arrival of a large number of "new owner" also began to appear on the road.

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