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33 motor vehicle driving common sense can help you all the way to the traffic safety (1)

       1. Improve safe driving ability  

     face, car, road, the complex road traffic, and the environment, factors of uncertainty and variability, and determines the randomness and chance of traffic accidents. Thus require drivers to have smart, cool head, good driving performance, ensure safe driving.   Driver in the vehicle, in case of emergency should be a quick decision, quick action. While asking the driver should also have saved the day, or to minimize the loss of quality and complex for the simple case of ability.

     2. Enhance self-control

     complex social phenomenon and a variety of conflict will affect the drivers. In this case, requires that pilots must have strong ability to self-control and Liberation, maintaining a good attitude and sense of driving a car. Called self-control, is constraints under the will and the ability to control your behavior. In driving, the driver can be no sloppy, and any errors, the spirit must be highly concentrated. If poor self-control, cannot maintain a good attitude, with personal driving, they can lead to the occurrence of traffic accidents, causing irreparable damage.

     3. When passing

     car, should see to vehicle dynamics and road conditions, reduced speed, choose a wide, solid   road passing.

     "courtesy of three first", namely, first, to slow and stop. When passing, to maintain a wide transverse distance with the car. Passing under the complex traffic situations, should put their foot on the brake pedal, make stop preparation.   In the absence of traffic lines and narrow roads and passing on the road, must drive on the right. Passing right when conditions allow the other party to make way in advance.   The poor lighting on the road passing at night, 150 metres away close to each other from across the car high beam lights, switch to low beam lights. In passing, in order to see the route, short Kaiyuan, lights, lights should be staggered across time. When the front after the rendezvous, Kaiyuan, lights.

     4. When overtaking

     pass wide to choose a road, good view of the road. When overtaking speed shall not violate the traffic regulations and speed limits. Overtaking in a row (commonly known as car, super car, the line is long, beyond time and distance is longer, given the circumstances, should not be exceeded. You can guarantee security, good overtaking under acceleration should continue to exceed. Beyond the stationary vehicle, should slow down Horn watch to prevent parked vehicle suddenly opened the door to get off or other pedestrian and bicycle from a parked vehicle before fleeing. During the night, rainy, foggy sight lines when, according to traffic regulations, in the mud and snow road overtaking is prohibited.

     5. When reversing

     reversing, the driver should get off and look around in advance, upon confirmation of security, choose a good terrain, routes. And watching it through the cab window. Vans in reversing, the driver's side window glass can be put down or hand half open the car doors and Windows, from the rear side window to observe road conditions upon confirmation of security, before reversing.   Is taking care of the back in the back at the same time, without a break, marked by fender or outline marker pole, observe the movement of the front. 6. When turning

     car approaching the turn, to reduce speed in advance, and then turn. Turn drivers must estimate the car's wheel difference, otherwise it may result in more lateral wheel outlet outside, resulting in car body scratches pedestrians or obstacles. When the car made a right turn, encountered the right bike going straight ahead, cannot force cutting head turn, should slow down the bike first.

     7. Turn

     cars in turn, on the premise of security, try to choose a square, overpass, crossing or lots that are flat and wide, solid soil. Should be avoided in ramps, narrow road or traffic to turn around. Cannot select bridges, tunnels, culverts, gates or railway crossing in turn.

     8. When parking

     you should choose broad roads, does not affect local traffic rely on road parking on the right. Parking in the ramps, car park should hang low gear or reverse, pull the hand brake, pad triangle wood. Parking in snow and ice on the road, early deceleration by maximizing the check of the engine braking or using the hand brake.

9. In a wide straight roads

     because the road width and straight, landscape, simple operation, prone to paralysis and a sense of fatigue, accident prone. Spacious driver in straight On the road, not relax their vigilance, not blindly driving fast.

     10. On the slope the road

     before the uphill, you should carefully check that the vehicle is symmetrical reasonable, carefully check the condition of the vehicle, especially braking performance and, if necessary, must try to trigger action. Uphill to try to use a low gear when passed, avoiding the middle shift. Downhill should carefully check the hand and foot brake. Turn off slide and slide gap is strictly prohibited. Such as brake failure, should make full use of the Suo Zu control of engine speed, decisive use of natural barriers, resistance to the vehicle, to consume the car's inertia, the vehicles stop at natural danger.

     11. Detours while driving

     vehicle speed is higher, have a greater inertia and centrifugal forces in the operation. High speed, direction play nasty, cars greater the centrifugal forces, in this case, likely to cause automobile side slip tester. High such as auto focus, better road adhesion conditions, can result in vehicle rollover accident. Advance slowed down, and then turn, barriers, hazards to early detection, according to the corresponding  .

     12. At the intersection

     intersection traffic density. Prone to traffic accidents, drivers should pay attention to. Traffic signal controlled intersections, traffic signals traffic can be. By no signal control intersection and should be within a distance before entering the intersection to see pedestrians and vehicles in order to safely pass intersections.

     13. In the downtown area

      busy pedestrian congestion, many vehicles traffic situation is complex, certain threat to traffic safety must be focused and drive carefully, strict attention to pedestrian and vehicle dynamics, correctly judging the traffic conditions change. Should be in order at this time, overtaking is prohibited.

     14. Driving in the rain

     before moving to check brakes, windshield wipers, lights, Horn, steering parts, confirm the good to be out of the car. When speed to slow down, as appropriate, before and after the gap widened due, generally do not overtake. Met, early action, not emergency shift and emergency brake in case of rollover vehicle side slip. Vehicles through the water section through proved regimen before water depth cannot exceed exhaust pipe. By speed to slow, can't Park your car stalling in the middle.

     15. In windy weather

      wind has little effect on driving a motor vehicle, but large effects on the non-motor vehicles and pedestrians. Windy weather affected pedestrian Los, could easily lead to accidents. In this case, the driver should slow down, do give way or stop preparation at any time.  

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