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Rent a holiday blowout liability disputes

&Nbsp;    on July 17 last year, Lee organized friends travel to Lianyungang, Nanjing auto rental service center has rented a van, driving is a friend of Zhang Li. The third day, returned to Nanjing on his way from Lianyungang, van flat tire, causing one death and five injuries serious car accident. Last December, the Wu family members of the deceased filed to the Court, Nanjing auto rental services and drivers to court.  


     police concluded was an accident  


     family lawyer Yu Wen believes that this case is a combination of tort and breach of, as the first defendant in the case of the Swiss leasing company, that is, Sun Pingzhu, his quality of their rental van had a safety and security obligations.  


     lawyers say, Hong says, company vehicle inspection every year, each time before driving, vehicles will be checked carefully. Case judges have written to Lianyungang, identification of the vehicles ' tires.  


     Lianyungang Nanjing freeway traffic Police Brigade in confirmation of road traffic accidents is also clear: the accident an accident.  


     Yu Wen family lawyer says he considers itself ran into a highway guardrail of the car, identified as accidents, only traffic point of view of dealing with traffic accidents, because there is no collision, no external force.  


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