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Holiday relief "car rental" three advantages of preferred

After the "fear" and "slave" after the Chinese new year experience, return to the work environment of the white-collar workers began to anxiety due to post-holiday syndrome, because of this year's Lantern Festival coincides with the weekend, driving the decompression preferred to relax outside for many white-collar workers, it also makes economical and convenient car rental industry really fire up a hand.

a few days ago, press on the EHI website, in addition to just use some of the new models, most of the vehicles have all been booked up.  

about experts said, with city crowd on life quality of requirements constantly improve, people since driving travel of wishes more urgent, but acquisition cars for many people for still has high of threshold, and a Hi car rental, brand car rental manufacturers of rise, brings has high quality of personal car rental service, not only is good to meet has market needs, more build a convenient, and easily of new lifestyle, let car rental became following rental Hou of and a big city life must products.  

for personally experience car rental of convenient sex, reporter also landing to a Hi car rental website, registered success Hou, click reservation models, select led car stores, just points several Xia mouse, whole process not over five minutes on set to a car Peugeot three van, time is Lantern Festival early 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock in the evening, to Shi, reporter only need carry ID, and license and credit card on can led car, also, also can select Let service personnel sent car door, service is human, price also moderate, does quite attract people. Had been a Hi website car hire Wang told reporters that the small car rental economic pressure, models to choose a more flexible and easy to worry, white-collar workers like him are like rental cars to travel on.  

rent a car for life ""  

car rental makes Mr Zhang, who lives in the field and enjoy the joy of driving, he told reporters, not long ago, he adopted a Hi Le wind, rent a car, go suburban Kite Festival with my family. "Economic pressure is too great to buy a car, a large sum of money to buy a car, a car is a bottomless pit. EHI is convenient and affordable, I often find car and take my family out for us, if not important, important is that we are very happy, "he says, car rental not only saves a lot of money for his home or family experience the home drive for the fun, and birds.  

hassle free and convenient service  

brand vehicles services car rental companies a secure, without having to worry about repairs and maintenance problems, and this very attractive to busy urban white-collar workers. "His colleagues when the regular car for maintenance, repair and other demanding money, I abandoned plans to buy a car", in Beijing, Xiao Li is now a client of EHI, she said, are in good condition each time you rent a car, don't have to worry about maintenance and repair, this kind of hassle free car already has a lot of friends began scrambling to follow suit.  

enjoy   more flexible models;

flexible choice of rental cars is one reason car rental to attract young people, it is understood that the EHI in the Beijing area alone there are nearly 30 different brands of a variety of models to choose from. "Car rental maximum of benefits is can selected of car more, like himself open on rent a Le Chi, to has friends on for Fu grams Republika three van, sometimes also open open SUV, can experience to many different models brings of driving fun", car enthusiasts small King excited to told reporter, for he this experience heavy Yu has of people for, car rental undoubtedly is best select, for, he almost rent again has a Hi car rental of all models.  

rent a car can meet the needs of urban personal mobility, and from the angle of resources sharing, rent a greener, with brands such as EHI has grown, car rental industry has embarked on the road of standardization, specialization, new ways for the city to create the task.


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