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Hotels general rate increase rent difficulties

In recent days, reporters in Shanghai has experienced various changes here: Hotel general rate increase, more stringent security measures, car rental and lease more difficult. Now, Shanghai has entered the "World Expo".

hotel prices rose up to 50%

on April 12, just stay at Jinjiang Inn Shanghai Expo Pu San Road reporters received notice from the hotel: from April 15, this property price increases, price per room than usual increase by 120 Yuan, up past 50%, adjust the time from April 15 to December 31.

reporters followed by consultation with the surrounding hotels, find the hotel market overall price rises in the  20%~30%, however, mostly close to the Expo Park's Pudong area, especially economical chain hotel prices the biggest gains, for example, is located in Pusan road, Cheng Shanlu, Pu Jian Road Hotel, average above 50%. Other more remote hotels price fluctuations is very low.

more stringent security

at present, Shanghai's various security measures stricter than usual.

a hotel   to journalists staying at the hotel, for example, entered the elevator leading to the hotel rooms, must be produced to the security room card. B   to the Expo Park's Pudong South Road, for example, outside the Expo Park within the range of 1000 meters, strict security measures. After the opening, only designated by the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo 500 cabs in and out of the region. C Park   the current Expo is not open to have strict identity requirements for access. Journalist's passes entering the Expo Park, is managed by the Department of Bureau of Shanghai World Expo security certificates issued by the Center can only be used in the movement of prescribed and specified areas.

rent a car very difficult   rental housing prices doubled

according to a field Zhang in Shanghai, as the World Expo approaches, local staff members to Shanghai to visit, also increased. "To many people, cannot meet the reception using the original vehicle.  , "Zhang said, at first, they tried to rent several cars through the Shanghai car rental companies to solve the problem, but only to find that barely had rented the car. "No way, we had to came from the home of several cars and set aside.  "

Mr Wang told reporters earlier this year, he rented a two-bedroom community near the Expo houses, rental 5000 Yuan per month. Recently, the district within the same housing lease price has risen to 10,000 yuan per month. "Regretted the landlord died, still talking with us about it yesterday.   "Reporter then to the Expo Park near several real estate broker consulting, found that short-term leases during the Expo offer generally at about 10,000 yuan a month, compared to 3000 ~5000 RMB than usual, have risen more than 1 time.

Shanghai has entered the Expo time.


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