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Up campus rent wind

A white QQ pulled into parking spaces, the door opens, a college student, male lock the car skillfully, walk up to the building. Two passing girls curious to read printed words on the QQ: "rental cars on campus, 68 Yuan a day......"

recently, Beihang University, Tsinghua, national people's Congress, Beijing University and other colleges and universities alike car wind blows, some students drive with "rental cars on campus" swagger on the cars on the road, is said to have become a car rental customer.

per day ranging from 66 to 106

yesterday morning, the area in Beihang University campus, several students of a banner. It turns out that they are attracted by a campus car rental advertisement. "Well, guys can go out for a drive. "Look at advertising on the car, someone in the crowd suggested:" you should call and ask. ”

advertising was signed in Beijing University student car rental companies. Manager Li Tangzheng introduction, they currently have 8 cars such as QQ, BYD, Geely, is starting a company of several students ' own money. According to the different models, and rental price per day ranged from 66 to 106, and also charge a premium of 20 to 30 yuan and 400 Yuan "traffic guarantee." Student car rental only to show the same person's ID card, student ID card and driver's license, you can rent cars. "Just for my car when the tank is full, when returning the car to fill it. ”

drivers need to pay 400 Yuan "traffic bond" issue, Li Tangzheng explains that this is because the tenants to get out of traffic violations may occur, and that takes some time to get on the NHTSA web site to confirm. The purpose of bail is that once a violation is found, use this money to pay for illegal fines. At present, there are no students had traffic violation of.

car rental businesses favored by the students

compared to the car rental company and the community, campus car rental price is relatively cheap, in February of this year launched the car rental business on campus so students of all ages. Beihang University one freshman students told reporter, "campus car rental" of advertising in they school posted out time not long, but learned that this thing of students has many performance out strong of interest: "we Hostel of students often with out play, sometimes think sat bus not convenient, wants to since driving to, but several people home are didn't car, to community car rental and too your, so this wishes has been didn't achieved. "The other one said with regret, a junior, tomb-sweeping day and his classmates want to rent out, because no advance reservation, did not rent a car.

at present, Beihang University, Tsinghua University, the national people's Congress, Beijing University and other colleges and universities have students every day to call the car rental company. "Business is good, and received more than 20 Advisory calls a day, except day car restrictions outside, 8 cars rent out almost every day. "Li Tangzheng said they planned to purchase 6 to 8 new car.

some students on campus questioned car rental

support and recognition of the rental car had a lot of students on campus, but students also doubts.

college student narrative says, "students go out and play is normal, but not professional drivers when driving difficult to cope with emergencies, in the event of accidents, who will assume the responsibility? ”

a graduate of Tsinghua University also believes that students go out on weekends, and holidays can be, however, usually when the class car hire what's the use? "Just relied on their own rich family, car rental show off to their friends, to meet one's own vanity. ”

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