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Auto market dealer of Asian Games is "GEI Li"

&Nbsp;    dealers before the Asian auto market from worries have shifted to calm now.  


     auto market is surprisingly better in the Asian Games. Despite the Asian Games have restrictions for two weeks, but the market did not have a serious impact, traffic, volume continued to remain stable, entry of maintenance vehicles only a small decline. That many dealers want to see the situation. Asian auto market stability, with many dealers work together to launch a variety of service helping to "support the Asian Games" are inseparable.  


     during the Asian Games, Guangzhou dealer coincidentally features service, I believe that this has become the greatest power consumption. Dealer response to customer demand, will open early or delayed to facilitate customer and also to store showroom, car customers ' claims the taxi fee, send out the package, launch site of the Asian Games sweepstakes and other services. Even dealer launch night repair, reimbursement for parking and other services for car consumers. According to statistics, the vehicle fell six or seven during the Asian Games, but the dealer repair business generally down only a 20%, almost new car business is not affected in any way, there are many dealers have increased in volume.  


     and used cars, car rental and other industries are using the Asian Games and the wind. The used-car market remains in the doldrums for several months before, and comes instead of the Asian Games to stimulate the release of consumer demand, rising trading volume. Car rental market also became popular, not only "for rent", and car rental prices continue to rise.  


     different from the past, continued active auto market is not price incentives and rely more on service upgrades. In accordance with past practice, the dealer usually will be launched starting in November will cars prices, to reach the goal of annual sales, dealer vehicle not only offers no significant increase this year, and supply cycle models have also been extended. It is reported that many depots to cut capacity in the second half of the year, dealer inventories declined significantly. Usually the end of dealer inventories will continue to rise, while inventories declined instead of the dealer at the time of sale becomes more rational. Dealers launched a series of marketing activities in the Asian Games, is more focused on how to attract customers to shop the car, car, car price advantage is not significant. Consumer market continued high level of enthusiasm, repeatedly proved that consumer sensitivity to service over price-sensitive.  


     may be so, dealers in no hurry in terms of price, "fight recklessly", coupled with the shift in focus for the Asian Games, and not become the impulse of small price fluctuations "sword". Dealers changed tactics in the past, to a comprehensive upgrade services, but more needed to adapt to the current situation.  


     for the next market expectations, many dealers have begun to change. "The Asian Games even if it has an impact on auto market, its impact is short-lived. The backlog of potential consumption will in due course be able to release. "The dealer before the Asian auto market from worries have shifted to calm now.  


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