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Rental market, a capital injection led to the rental giant shuffle

&Nbsp;   car rental industry is called a "sunrise industry", because without insurance, without annual maintenance, the advantages of models can be replaced, users are slowly affected by domestic enterprises and individuals of all ages. Since August of this year, Goldman Sachs, Lenovo capital strength, such as a large white car rental industry, the industry reshuffle expected to greatly increase. Among them, access to Lenovo after the capital injection, Beijing China car rentals limited yesterday announced that it would spend 600 million Yuan by the end of the purchase of 6,000 vehicles. The car rental industry: the first big orders. Through this purchase, boat rental vehicle will be increased to 12,000 vehicles, will become the largest car rental company. Domestic car rental market is three, Imperial China auto rental and car rental, EHI has favored access to capital markets, and high finance.  


     variety of new powers to get involved in car rental   or the promotion of the industry reshuffle  


    8 month, a Goldman Sachs-led investors and legend with billions of Yuan of investment involved in the car rental business, while Johnson already has car rental business holdings was the parent company of injection of up to 1.7 billion yuan to expand the size.  


     addition to the high profile capital markets participation, the auto companies and dealers also have entered the car rental industry in various ways. Relative to the car companies generally accepted group purchase orders from leasing companies, Nissan set up a "rental" rental brands, direct consumer-oriented South Toyota, Hong Tong, far, Tai Hing and many other 4S store comprehensive test car rental business.  


     in recent years, car rental industry started in heavyweight, will undoubtedly promote the automotive leasing market further competition, accelerating the process of market, survival of the fittest, will change the distribution of the past are too small to improve industry concentration, for the industry reshuffle.  


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