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Car rental capital speed

&Nbsp;   2010 on August 8, Beijing announced China auto rental of profile, access to the huge injection of legend holdings 1.2 billion yuan, Legend Holdings, its sixth member. CEO Lu Zhengyao, advance claimed: scale will exceed 10,000 vehicles by the end of this year in 2015 to reach 100,000 vehicles!  


     after only 18 days, Shanghai EHI to Goldman's $ 70 million third round of financing lead investor, Board Chairman Zhang also said at that time: the additional scale, while preparing to land United States capital markets!  


    10 all! Business is not just cold figures, speed also needs wisdom and courage of a war. A couple of years ago, people exclaim this emerging car industry rapidly, suddenly, war has no cover, fiberhome Citylink.  


     was born in Beijing, China auto rental, advocating the art of the open door and go at it hammer and tongs, Regal demeanor; EHI from Shanghai, adhere to the budget, Dole's tactics, reveals a warrior character. The former is known as "China's leading", which is "the largest" imperial sword against the Warrior knife, car rental Lake is destined to surge.  


    41-year old Lu Zhengyao looks honest, prudent. 17 years ago, he quit his public office to sea, founded 3 companies in succession, during the immigration United States, understands the business, through the West. Until 4 years ago, his mind drifts, potential into the rental arena.  


     and now are in the four-Hui station in Beijing, and China auto rental headquarters, Lu Zhengyao not very comfortable: one is poor as there is cell phone signal, often need to be pinched off to call, then use the landline back to each other; and second, because the next stop to the East four Huidong, EHI thriving car just across the station.  


    47 year old Zhang is a enough to make opponents restless beat. He has a sharp face, consistent hairstyle, eyes never give calm and rational. In this size of stores, vehicles and money-burning Waring Lakes, cost control by virtue of the devil, who is the founder of EHI in profit the next year, in recent years, the average growth rate of more than 300%.  


    --China Hi, momentary Liang-Yu. Under the catalysis of violent in the capital, car rental Lake had not cultivated land but sea the stars racing battle.  


    -fighting starting point  


    2010 in October, Shenzhen subway ads all over the China auto rental, Feng Lu Zhengyao soldiers pointed to another gangster on the Lake – He Weijun.  


    , this guy is cool. Extreme car rental's headquarters in Shenzhen Futian free trade zone, He Weijun said with a smile: "TV ads very well, let everyone know the car rental industry, that's a good thing. "However, in his mind, this is already a deadly battle mixed with resentment.  


what     --you, "China's leading", "largest", my extreme car rental is worthy of the "China first"!  


    48 years old He Weijun is a typical Cantonese merchants, shrewd and pragmatic, dare to try. In March 2006, the boss is looking for a new project, drawing on United States car rental giant Hertz car rental guarantee, deposit-free-free modes, caught "the domestic credit system has been initially established, credit card ownership reached more than 30 million and growing fast" time with a few business friends to raise 30 million Yuan to set up a Supreme car rental.  


     boss pride fighting, opened a magnificent car rental arena.  


     only for one year, starting from Shenzhen honey Lake, a small store, extreme car rental stores across major domestic airport and the business district of the city. First milestone in December 2006, SIG Asia and Hong Kong together the Maida Fund to meet extreme car rental $ 5 million.  


     capital appreciation not only means that guarantee, deposit-free-free car rental model has achieved success in China, anticipated the future political arena, destined not just He Weijun one Lake.  


     from the beginning, have a pair of eyes from the North, watched extreme car movements. In 2007, founded by Lu Zhengyao UAA combined car club unites more than more than 20,000 rescue company, garage and 4S shop network, but have been unable to solve the problem of service standards.  


     embarrassed Lu Zhengyao desire to cross-border jumped at that time, of course, one of the best to last UAA saved resources. Following this logic, he naturally thought of car rental, also seen from Shenzhen, wind and extreme. In the extreme, two months after the completed first round of financing, Lu Zhengyao come up with 50 million Yuan to set up China auto rental.  


    , meanwhile, completed a first round of financing He Weijun, really feel the speed of market expansion in the blue sea of charm. He did calculations, car rental companies want to profit, the size of 3,000 vehicles is the bottom line. He understood better than anyone this expansion logic: enterprise scale depending on vehicle size and vehicle size depends on the scale of capital.  


     heard of China auto rental news, an urgent need to set the scale to the threshold of extreme car rental, began seeking a second round of financing. In September 2007, a never met until investors find extreme, we met expressed a strong willingness to invest. He Weijun joy, to give investors more confidence in the Supreme, three times before and after contact, he will underpin the success of extreme mode of operation the whole.  


     established extreme of early, He Weijun led founding team spent has large effort, design has a both can guarantee user experience, and can guarantees operation smooth, and assets security of operation system, its roughly is: first with Bank success on Xia credit card pre-sale right system, customer are just with ID, and license and a Zhang lines in 3000 Yuan above of credit card, will can completed car rental procedures, whole process not over 5 minutes. Through GPS positioning and navigation systems, to troubleshoot and lock the suspicious vehicle. Finally developed jointly with the insurance company first insurance contract for the car rental industry to share the risk.  


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