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Rental market expansion companies snatch car rental cakes

&Nbsp;    a few days ago, China auto rental announcing it will spend 600 million Yuan, before the end of the purchase of 6,000 vehicles, and, in the next 5 years, China auto rental plans private vehicles exceeded 100,000 units. Meanwhile, EHI (microblogging) also plans to expand to 100,000 vehicles in the disposable vehicles by 2015.  


     a set of data shows that car rental market, China's annual growth rate is about 20%-30%, by 2015, the car rental industry with total size up to 50 billion yuan. Calculated according to the average cost per car is 100,000 yuan, the market's overall capacity of around 500,000.  


     in recent years, the domestic car market because of competitive pressure, are looking for new marketing models, car rental is entering the auto makers and car circulation enterprise vision. Faced with such a huge volume of market, car companies have also begun to develop and sell new services. Dongfeng yueda KIA   (micro-blog) this year to establish the country's first brand store--"car rental • Dongfeng yueda KIA in   brand store", and Chery also announced in a high profile in the world electric vehicle Conference in new energy vehicles sales in the future try to rent on sale.  


     Chery officials say, vehicle rental, battery rental will be for the next two years of the Chery company mainly marketing tools. In two years, rental business can promote throughout the country.  


     car thanks to the leasing industry aggressively attitude, making for the upcoming 2011 market interest. Sinotrust released reports that auto market growth in 2011 will be significantly lower than in 2010, and a series of stimulus policies slowly withdraw, the market will return to normal on track, growth will be significantly weakened.  


     experts in the industry, as car makers of important marketing channels, car rental helps to expand its market share and become a new growth point of car manufacturing. In addition, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of new car purchases in the future, old car out, inevitably become the focus of automotive enterprises.  


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