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Spell Eva save car rental

&Nbsp;    prices, oil price increases may be days you must've, children will all be answered. In order to save money and save time, many parents live a "car", "car rental" of life. &Nbsp;

     today after school, I saw a man near a school in the Yellow River Liu Lu a connection away three children. Apart from curious, I couldn't help but go to find out. The three children living in the same community, few adults are also known. This time in cold weather, the children go to school early, parents ordeal along. Finally, several together for a moment, a week is responsible for picking up the children. "Getting up early every day to send their children don't say, drive the oil money will stand back and forth. Three children go the same route every day, the three take turns to pick up at least the oil money will be able to save two-thirds this section. "Zhang said," after the car, sometimes I take the bus to work, down saves 200 Yuan a month or so. We have ' liberation ', can free up time to do other things, the children also had a back and forth with, more and more think it's worthwhile. " 

    , according to Zhang, there are still many parents jointly rent a car shuttle children to and from school. "My colleague, Lao Li's House and the girl on the third day, the cold weather, they really don't trust kids cycling to go back and forth. Happened is that they have a neighbor in Van, so they combined with the parents of several children in the same school, rented the car. Now they do meal a day waiting confidently girls school on the line. "Subsequently, the author learned that the so-called United" car "," car rental "most acquaintances among organizations, so parents can feel free to take their children to each other.  


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