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Car rental industry is optimistic about the utility vehicle market prospect

Not long ago, the message issued by the Statistics Department, 51, traveling the country in recent years in the number of new highs during the long holiday. Family excursions for families of car owners are common, however, for the time being there is no private car for families this holiday and leisure are naturally restricted by the transportation, rent a car has become a great way to travel. However, the 51, reporters found that more drivers are the new crop of rent a car business, which makes some smart car rental companies see opportunities.

travel-loving Lee met in this holiday issue. She said: I had planned to issue 51 self drive holiday with family, friends, 7788 combined, had a total of 7 people, their car a fit, if two vehicles, and highway tolls are rising oil prices recently, and too costly. Then I had to rent a SUV, still not bad.

Ms Chan said: this weekend, several parents in my son's kindergarten class in contact to make a small parent-child activities. Now children too lonely, kindergarten for safety considerations, and organize further outings, had a few familiar parents themselves. However, there is a very difficult problem, that is, how to. If a car is very easy to lose, was wasted. If a car, everybody at home is a car, sit down. Then there is the child's father is a way to borrow the carts, three adults and a child, had a lot of fun. It came out that, that car is rented.

as the two women described, is currently most families buy cars, multifunctional car when the trip is very useful, but usually used to waste some. Therefore, the rental for large capacity has become a necessity.

However, even a car, traffic capacity generally take into account, fuel range is considered. Especially the first two generations of SUV cars, was large, really large displacement of high grade road, on the market known as "gas guzzlers" too much is not cost-effective enough for rented. There is no balanced Qi Mei solutions? Small, versatile "carts" became preferred.

"there is not saying it, rather than buy, buy rather than rent, our car rental is aware of the opportunity to boldly develop business, models have various needs, customers can choose freely according to needs, the current stable business growth of our company. "The sales manager for a car rental company in Hangzhou, confidently said," we want to start a series of smaller multi-function models purchased by the new procurement plan, because we are optimistic about the prospects of such models in the leasing industry. ”

the Manager believes that, indeed, the SUV is positioned higher in the past and is not suitable for holiday rentals, but thanks to oil prices rose too fast, given, a new generation of multifunctional car has become the object of leasing companies. The case of Katie, as leader of the third-generation SUV models, Katie is carrying 1.6L gasoline engine, powerful, can solve the contradiction between the functions and discharge. Meet the people's demand for the use of a car, making possible for people to holiday car travel.

"Golden emission utility vehicles will dominate the automotive leasing market", auto experts on 51 car rental market is a new development trend prediction, and further pointed out that products such as Faw-Volkswagen SUV Katie will have room to


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